Greetings from the YA Bookish News

Hello everyone and welcome to the YA Bookish News site where we bring you the latest news in the book community!

My name is Ellen, and I am the main administrator, founder, editor-in-chief, and book reviewer of this website. You may be wondering who the heck is this person behind the computer?


Well just to tell you a little bit about myself, I am a 19 year old currently in my second year of college majoring in nursing, minoring in English. And hopefully later on, I could come back to school to major in advertisement particularly for the publishing company and minoring in film directing. I am also an aspiring author that wishes to publish my novel one day.

Most importantly, you may be wondering why should you follow this website? The primary purpose of creating this website is to update our fellow book lovers of the new book/film releases of the month and the hottest books that readers are currently reading at the moment. But it doesn’t stop there though. We also promote authors (both independent and dependent), publishing companies, and booktubers too! Yes I said it, booktubers. I’m not sure if many of you are familiar with the booktube community. The booktube community consists of book lovers  that create video content that is essentially about books. The YA Bookish News has a lot in store for the future, and I cannot wait to see this website gradually grow.

As you may know,  I am currently the only one running this website. However, as the website gradually grows I may not be able to maintain it by myself since I do have other social media websites that I have to maintain such as my booktube channel (Pottermorebooks), my instagram (@pottermorebooks), and my twitter account (@pottermorebook). Did I also mention I am a sophomore year in college as well? Yes I am. This is my last year in community college so it is mainly focused on science classes. Therefore, I will most likely be busy studying for those classes as well as applying to the nursing program in October so that means I will be busy during this  year which means that I am currently looking for reporters and another administer to maintain the website for me while I am gone. If you are interested in applying to become part of the YA Bookish News staff, please click here: Apply to be a ReporterKeep in mind that you must be 16 years or older, or if you are under the age range I might consider you if you have the experience that the YA Bookish News Team need. 

Thank you for reading! If you were interested in what you have read, please click that follow button and share our website! The YA Bookish News site wishes you a happy new year!

~From the Admin~


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