Rumors Continue to Spread about ‘The Mortal Instruments’ TV Show

Since 2014, fans have been going rampant about The Mortal Instruments turning into a TV Show! Box office results have shown that City of Bones, the first of six books written by Cassandra Clare, has made a total domestic gross of $31 million.

The_Mortal_Instruments_-_City_of_Bones_PosterAlthough City of Bones have not been quite as successful as other movies such as Divergent, Mockingjay Part 1, and so forth, Clare has tweeted to millions of fans before Christmas that “the series will start from the beginning” according to Fashion StyleSo there is some light to this shadowhunting business. Fashion Style continues the article by claiming that Constantin film confirmed last October that the show would begin with City of Bones and moving forward from there.

Even though The Mortal Instruments series have been confirmed as a tv show, the question is: Will the actors and actresses from the City of Bones movie continue forth with the tv series? If not, then who will be the new cast?


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