The Booktube Corner: Project TBR

TBRs, otherwise known as to be read books is a hauntingly endless pile of unread books that us readers dread the most. Many readers may have up to 25 unread books on their list (like me) or they may have more than 100 unread books on their list. With 2015 here, there are loads of new releases that book collectors cannot wait to buy. However, there are other leftover books from previous years as well. Therefore, creating a growing pile of TBR. However, booktuber Ben from benjaminoftomes, has noticed his own growing pile of TBR. In hopes of decreasing his endless unread books, he has created Project TBR. Project TBR is a year long project that is primarily focused on shrinking the TBR pile.

Find out more on how you can shrink your own TBR pile with Ben and many other readers in the video down below. He’ll give you lessons on how you can moderate your TBR pile without having to sacrifice your book buying spree. If you would like to join Project TBR, you can hashtag your pictures, videos, or posts to #projecttbr on twitter, instagram, and etc.


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  1. I know i’ll be taking part in this project this year. My TBR is staggeringly high. Time to make a dent i think.

  2. Good luck! It seems like every booktuber’s (and reader’s) goal this year is to shrink down their tbr. ~Ellen~

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