6 Female YA Fiction Authors that Shined in 2014

It’s not too late to talk about the women that deserved the spotlight in 2014 right? No? Okay well two months ago, reporter Caitlin White from Bustle.com wrote an article dedicating it to some of the most well known female authors in the young adult fiction that deserved to be recognized for their brilliant work in 2014.

In her article, she listed 13 but I’m just going to list 6 that both you and I might know.

sara shepard

Sara Shepard

I’m hoping you guys know that popular tv series called Pretty Little Liars right? Well, that show was written by author Sara Shepard. According to Bustle, Shepard finally concluded the ending to the mind boggling series in 2014. However, Bustle continues the article by saying that Shepard has some more ideas up her sleeve with two new series even before that final installment of PLL hit the shelves back in December 2014.

marissa meyer

Marissa Meyer

2014 was a huge year for Marissa Meyer, author of the Lunar Chronicles series. Just as fans thought that the series was coming to an end, Meyer surprised us all by adding a bonus book, Fairest. But it doesn’t stop there though. Rumors continue to spread around the book community that Meyer is planning on releasing at least two more books in the series. The next book in the series is entitled Winter. 

kiera cass

Kiera Cass

Just as we thought that the surprises would never stop, author Kiera Cass of the Selection series decided to hop on the two-more-books-in-a-series train along with Marissa Meyer. Cass added an additional novella to the series, The Queen and told readers to expect another novella to be released soon, The Favorite. Oh so many surprises for us in store this year or should I say for a certain fictional couple? In addition to The One, Cass has added a little something extra at the end by surprising everyone that America and Maxon will be expecting a baby! Well, Cass is not the only one that’s been busy throughout the series (if you know what I mean). Which leads me to the last and final surprise (for Kiera Cass at least): The Heir. Cass has revealed to us the cover for The Heir! Oh my, these covers are just drop dead gorgeous!

cassandra clare

Cassandra Clare

It was definitely a huge year for Cassandra Clare as she finished her final installment, City of Heavenly Fire, to The Mortal Instruments series. Although the series has come to an end, fans could definitely anticipate more books in the near future from Clare such as that new series called The Dark Artifacts coming out some times next year. But, don’t fret because she has a line of books waiting to be published or already published. In this case, already published. Clare is keeping, not only herself busy, but other authors busy as well. Her newest middle grade series called the Magisterium, co-written with Holly Black, recently published it’s first book, The Iron Trial, back in September.

jenny han

Jenny Han

Miss Jenny Han has weaved her way into the young adult section with her latest contemporary novel, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. The book was such a sell out that Han announced a second book in the series (or maybe it’s a duology), P.S. I Still Love You. But what some fans may not know is that the film has been optioned and it has been said that the legendary Will Smith will be producing it along with some other producer. Ummmm….you go Han! I’m proud of you girl!

tahereh mafi

Tahereh Mafi

If you’re an expert in the young adult genre like I am, then you may have heard about Mrs. Tahereh Mafi’s name somewhere? Like maybe you’ve read the Shatter Me series before? Although the series was written awhile ago, readers have gone on a wild splurge after people have been raving about this series within the book community. Mafi also announced on her twitter that she is starting a new middle grade series as well.

Whew, I think that does it for the list of 2014 then! 2014 has been an exciting year for authors in the young adult genre with novels being continuously optioned for film rights and more sequels and novels coming out this year!



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