The Booktube Corner: How to Get ARCs?

Traditionally, authors and publishing companies would have a difficult time promoting their works because not many people would read books, especially young adult books. However, with many people migrating to the social media network, book bloggers and booktubers are gaining a wide range of audience. Publishing companies and authors sees this as an opportunity for them to send these readers ARCs, or also known as Advanced Reader Copies, because readers can promote their books. Many viewers and readers that read book blogs always have questions on how to receive ARCs.

Do not fret. Booktubers are finally answering their viewers’ questions! Several booktubers have shared their insight and advised their viewers on how to receive ARCs from authors and publishing companies. Booktuber, Jaime from Ermagherd Berks, have created a lengthy video on how to receive ARCs and how to start a booktube channel.

Another booktuber, Whitney from Whitty Novels, made a whole video focusing on how to receive ARCs.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Amber Argyle, author says:

    How do we, as authors, send audiobooks to booktubers?

  2. Hello, I believe you must send a link to the audiobook.

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