A Fairest Successful Launch Party

Well it seems like Fairest by Marissa Meyer had a fairly (see what I did there?) decent outcome for the launch party last Thursday, January 29th. Before the launch party, Meyer had a questions and answers session with her readers. Fierce Reads was able to get all of the exclusive information and tweeted (@FierceReads) out to the Lunar Chronicles’ fans that Winter, the fourth installment in the Lunar Chronicles series, will have 800 pages of pure excitement! Actually looking back at the tweet now, I just realized that there is going to be MORE than 800 pages! I believe that’s more than City of Heavenly Fire, the last installment in the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, with a total of 725 pages according to the goodreads page.


Hallelujah! Ever since the high excitement of the new release in Fairest, readers everywhere are tweeting and posting it about it on instagram, youtube, and facebook. I also heard that there is a Winter excerpt at the end of Fairest. It’s definitely a good reason to go buy that book immediately because Winter may not be released until later on the year or perhaps even next year. Check out some of the pictures down below and check out the Lunar Chronicles facebook page for more insight on the launch party!




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