Book Review: All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

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Hello Book lovers! Sorry about the long wait! Here is my review for All the Bright Places.

Synopsis: Violet wants to die. Finch has always wanted to die. So when the two meet on the bell tower everything changes. The unlikely pair team up for a school project, where  they have to discover the wonders of their state, a state they grew to hate but then learned to love. Soon it’s only with Violet that Finch can be himself. And it’s only with Finch that Violet forgets to count the days and starts to live them. But as Violet’s world grows, Finch’s starts to shrink.

Book Rating : 5 

Warning Spoiler Alerts

So the synopsis leaves you in chills, no? I literally marched into Target went to the aisle picked the best looking one out of the three they had, (seriously, only three? this is going to be a bestseller duh Target), anyways, I went home put it on my desk and waited a week. I knew this book dealt with suicide and I had to be mentally prepared, once I was, I read the book in two days. I repeat two days. I could not put this book down. It was by far amazing. I even believe in my own opinion it is better than the fault in our stars. I do love John Green, but I know Jennifer Niven has just topped him. This book is set to be a movie and I am excited. I think it cannot ruin the book, it will only benefit it. It deals with teen suicide which is something society tries to hide, we need to be aware of this subject and how to deal with it.

The book I felt went into great depth. I was never bored to say the least, but I did want to see more with Finchs’ father, I wanted his father to apologize and treat him right, I wanted his mom to do so much more for him.  I just felt that part could have been helped. But it did relate to parents today, and how some just don’t give a care for their child. Niven did an excellent job in all her writing, I found no mistakes, and she did not run on or even keep a subject to a deep extent, which is admirable. I don’t really want to ruin the story for anyone but I do want to do an honest in depth review so if you got this far, maybe you should stop reading until you read the book yourself.


Finch dies. I was shocked. I knew he was having a hard time, and it got pretty scary because I could relate to how he felt and the depression. I was heart broken for Violet, but I loved how mature she stayed even though she wonders why he left her and how it was pretty selfish, she still loved him. I cried a lot. I will not lie. The last time I cried was when I read TFIOS, and this just had me bawling. It was the most perfect teen suicide novel I have ever read. It went into detail and did not leave anything out. I can’t express the torment  I felt watching Finch (in my head) swallowing the pills, going to the ER, ignoring his loving girlfriend, and seeing his enemy in therapy. It was too much and I hope after reading this novel you don’t call someone a ‘freak’ or even overlook someone for being different. Because at the end of the day you don’t really know someone until you see what they really go through and sometimes you will never know, so be careful what you say and think about your actions, because it might not be entirely your fault if someone kills themselves, but you can always be the voice of change for them.

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