Book Review: Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver

Warning: if you plan on reading this book, do not read my review. Spoilers will come out! 🙂

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Hello yabookishnews fans! I have a new review on the latest contemporary young adult novel! The long awaited novel from Lauren Oliver. I am a huge Oliver fan, I have every book she’s written and immensely love her! I aim to keep my reviews as unbiased at possible. If you feel in anyway I am being biased feel free to comment below! I aim to give effective, helpful reviews!

Synopsis: Two sisters. An accident. Dara and Nick were inseparable sisters, but then an accident happened. Things were changing even before the accident, Dara started dating Nick’s best friend Parker. Then a car accident occurs leaving Dara a scarred face. Nothing is the same between them. On Dara’s 17th birthday she goes missing, coincidentally so does 9 year old Madeline Snow. Nick fears the two disappearances have to do with each other and must find out. Lauren Oliver’s new novel will leave you in utter suspense and what it truly means to have a sister.

Book Rating: 4 out of 5 stars 

Review: First off let me start by saying WOW! When you read the book jacket cover you wonder how this story will turn out. Even before I bought the book, I read the overview on which I always do before I buy a book(a smart recommendation). Well I was stunned. The whole time I thought whoa so Dara probably takes Madeline Snow somewhere thats isolated and takes apart her face because she wants someone else to pay for her scarred face or something twisted like that. When I actually found out what happened… I was disappointed but in a way I liked it. Before I get into that lets start with the beginning. By the way this will be a long review, sorry, not sorry. Anyways the novel starts off with Nick and its before the accident. (The novel goes from before and after, at random points and chapters, before means before the car accident and after means after the car accident) Nick is finding Dara at a party, and she notices Parker isn’t there… Dara is dating him and Nick is still hurt about it which you can tell and Dara knows this. However in this scene Dara has a friend mention another guy Dara is now seeing. Nick freaks out and Dara knows and leaves the area to talk to Nick. Dara wants Nick to have fun and just party but Nick wants to leave and it seems she stays though due to persuasion. Then it cuts into after the accident and Nick currently lived with her dad and now she’s going back to her mom due to wild behavior. Dara is mentioned to be with her mom. To make a long story short it goes from before to after with crazy scenes which I will discuss. So Nick starts working at the amusement park where Parker so happens to work, and the two instantly get their friendship going but later on he reveals he always loved Nick. Nick is constantly thinking of Dara, and tries to get her to talk to her again. Then Madeline Snow goes missing. Dara is helping the search for her. A birthday dinner is planned and Dara never shows which Nick finds out through Daras phone, nude pictures corresponding to a creepy Andre character mentioned a few time throughout the book. She meets with Andre attempting to get a job, she sees Madeline Snows sisters friend and gets information on how they worked for this guy and Andre took Madeline because she found out and this whole nude picture job is suppose to be under wraps. Nick finds her at the lighthouse and the truth comes out, Dara was always dead after the accident. SHE WAS ALWAYS DEAD. Then Nick shares how Dara saw Nick and Parker kissing at a ball a while back and Dara was upset and it was raining hard, and Nick was apologizing but Dara wanted to get out and said she wouldn’t ever have to worry again which led me to believe she wanted to push Nick off the cliff or something but turns out they get in the crash and Dara dies. Which is freaking creepy. Like what if Nick intentionally did it so Dara didn’t make her get out of the car? Like think about it that could have been in Olivers head. I am so boggled by all this. Everything about Dara was a lie. And Parker still admits he loves Nick and its crazy to me because in one chapter Parker goes to Dara and makes out with her, but mumbles Nick and yet Dara is dead so are the scenes with Dara really Nick? Does Nick have the scar? SO many things that could be true. I think its crazy wonderful how a novel can leave you in so many questions. I liked the ending. She ends up going to a ‘looney bin’ and receives help. She still works with Parker and he still loves her but is giving her space and time until they try anything and she confesses to still missing Dara. Also Madeline Snow takes a liking to Nick and visits her towards the end. Another point I will mention is, you will meet Alice and she is really sweet and fundamental in Nick getting resolved and forming a friendship. You will meet other characters such as Aaron Nicks ex and so on but I felt I covered the basics. In personal response I loved the novel, but I can see why some people would not. In ways as it takes forever to get to the climax and then the ending is so fast and you want more but in the authors view I understood why she cut off the way she did. I would love a follow up but I do not think she will do that or maybe for her Olives!! (she calls her fans that, its cute) Anways! I hope you enjoyed my review. You can purchase the book at many retailers! I recommend Target they offer it for 20% off and don’t forget your local library. If you want to have a discussion feel free to email our email at and I would be glad to have one with you! Also check out our twitter please.

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Sassy says:

    oh gee! that makes A LOT of sense now! I always thought that Dara was a ghost!

  2. naruto uzumaki says:

    OMG OMG OMG OMG I get it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thx heaps! I have to do this book for a school thing and I didn’t get it ! But now I do so thk u Sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Of course guys! Glad my review helped ! Means so much 🙂 -Tamara

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Ok, so Dara died after the accident on the bridge right? Well then how did everyone see her like at the party and stuff? Or when Ariana brought her her stuff back or when she got on the bus and called her name? Like I’m so confused!!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Please explain!

  6. Kendalyn says:

    I don’t even remember her getting into the car with Nick I though she ran away from the cliff and had a flash back into remembering what happened the last time since she couldn’t remember some details uhhh so confused it was really good but now I know it seems like Dara might have caused the crash if that’s the case cause she wanted to disappear she felt like no one cared about her she felt like an outsider so she might have been ilke its time to leave and so she caused the crash again.

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