YA Epic Indie Blog Tour

Hello bloggers!

We are so happy to finally tell you guys that we are currently in the process of organizing a blog tour on our website called the YA Epic Indie Blog Tour. This blog tour will be geared towards promoting YA independent authors from various genres. The blog tour will run from May 25th-May 31st. We will be hosting the first day of the blog tour. There will be a Q&A liveshow on Tamara’s channel (she will be creating a channel soon) on May 25th at 2:00p.m. PST. And there will be a liveshow on my (Ellen) channel (pottermorebook) with all of the authors from the blog tour at the end. More information will posted once everything has been finalized.

Here are some of the authors that we have in our blog tour:

  • Pauline C. Harris, author of Puppet

-Links to Puppet: Goodreads/ Amazon

  • Chanda Stafford, author of First

-Links to First: Goodreads/ Amazon

  • Anthony Ergo, author of Dystopia

-Links to Dystopia: GoodreadsAmazon

  • Elisa Dane, author of Defenseless

-Links to Defenseless: Goodreads/ Amazon

  • Tracy Clark, author of Deviate

-Links to Deviate: Goodreads/ Amazon

If you are interested in participating our blog tour, please sign up here. We’re also looking for someone who could design our blog tour banner too. Please contact us here if you would like to help us: yabooknews@gmail.com. We’re hoping to accumulate a lot of bloggers to help boost up the authors’ reading audience and support YA independent authors, so please share the word! Thank you!




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