BookSplosion Takes Over YALL West 2015!

yall west

YALL West is coming to Southern California! I repeat: YALL West is coming to Southern California! YALL West is the sister festival of YALL Fest that occurs in Charleston. YALL West was founded by Margaret Stohl, author of the Caster Chronicles, and Melissa De La Cruz, author of Blue Bloods.

This will be YALL West’s first year, and I hope that there would be many more years to come! There are going to be so many book signings, different events, and etc. But the main reason why we’re even talking about this event is because the BookSplosion team of the booktube community will be at the event! The Booksplosion team consists of 3 well-known booktubers on YouTube: Kat O’ Keefe from Katytastic, Christine Riccio from Polandbananabooks, and Jesse George from JessetheReader. Every month, they choose a book to read with each other and with the booktube community. At the end of each read, they will have a liveshow on one of their channels to discuss about their books.

We’re very excited for them because they have been at the booktube panel at VidCon as booktubers, and now they are going to YALL West gaining more recognition from people outside of the booktube community and authors.

More information on YALL West-

Schedule for the Booksplosion team meet up and panel: here

List of Authors & Artists: here

More about YALL West: here

More about Booksplosion team: here

If you attend YALL West, make sure to send us your videos and pictures so we could add it to our gallery and post:



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