Book Review: ‘We should hang out some time ‘ by Josh Sundquist 



Hi yabookish news lovers! I promised a review and here it is. Soooo this book was good! Really good! The only reason I gave it a 9 and not a 10, is due to the fact I did not care for the pointless charts and graphs, it kind of got me confused as to why waste good ink on a chart I will never care about. I loved the real life epic fails with girls he had but I realized it was also his fault.  Enjoy the review, I won’t be spoiling anything just giving my thoughts.

Synopsis: Josh Sundquist, a 25 year old, single all his life details every failed moment he’s had with potential love interests. A paralympic ( he only has one leg )olympic skier and cancer survivor shares his love life from teens to adulthood.

Review: It was funny and charming. What I thought was interesting was Josh frequently feels his one leg missing is why it fails. I thought it was so cute how most girls ended up liking him back, but he never had the courage to ask them and tell them he liked them until later on when he’s an adult and its pretty much too late. It ends really nicely with the woman he is now engaged too. It was a true story novel so I can’t really criticize someones true accounts or spill them out because you’ll have to read it yourself. I loved the book but it was a fast read. I wish it made me want to enjoy and savor its effects but really I don’t feel stunned or awed. I just felt it was a good laugh and it made me smile inside, knowing everyone goes through these fails. I also want to input he made a cute video about a book he wrote just for his fiancé called we did hang out sometime and its all about their relationship. I though that was cute so check it out on youtube. I know this review isn’t that long, but I just didn’t feel a huge impact from the novel. But don’t get that confused. I loved how real and relatable it was and it deserves its 9 review. I wouldn’t read it again though. I suggest waiting for it to come in paperback or loaning at the library. Even better if you know me, you can borrow my copy.

Currently Reading :’ A little something different’ by Sandy Hall, so check for that review on Friday.

Reviewer: Tamara


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