Book Review : A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall 


Synopsis: Gr 9 Up—If ever two people should get together, it’s Gabe and Lea. They share a love of creative writing, watch the same TV reruns, order the same Chinese take-out on the same nights, and repeatedly wind up in the same place at the same time as if by magic. But Gabe is painfully shy and full of self-doubt, and Lea is so lacking in confidence that neither of them can give voice to the obvious chemistry that radiates between them. The magnetic pull is so strong, in fact, that everyone they come in contact with can feel it, and it is through Gabe and Lea’s interactions with others that their stories unfold. In a progressive series of month-by-month vignettes, their creative writing teacher, college classmates, roommates and friends, a coffee shop barista, diner waitress, bus driver, and even the resident park bench and squirrel relate their impressions and conversations with the protagonists as they take part in a “one step forward, two steps back” dance of attraction and avoidance. Gabe’s silence around Lea seems overplayed, but this is a small quibble with what is overall a fun, light romance that will appeal to male and female readers alike. 

Rating : 3/10

Review : Honestly, I thought it was a little to immature for my taste. I didn’t care for the writing style. I wasn’t grasped or felt I could be in any of their shoes. The novel did share the viewpoints of different sides but it didn’t go into depth. I felt it was played too hard and the writer did not carefully take the time to write her piece. She is glad to let people know it didn’t take her much time to write this piece, but you can clearly tell. I didn’t care for the novel. I have respect for Hall but I felt the novel was trying too hard to be different and yet it failed to do that. It was a quick read and I was hoping for something that would grasp my attention and want me to keep coming back for more. As I said, no disrespect to Hall, but I just didn’t care for this novel, I would accurately place it as a novella. If you’re looking for a quick typical love story that’s short yet simply sweet, this is for you! 

Reviewer: Tamara 

Currently reading: I was here by Gayle Forman ! Look for my review coming Friday! 


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