Booktubers Take Over Book Con 2015!

Ever since the booktube panel at VidCon 2014, more and more people are starting to pay more attention to the booktube community especially authors and publishers. Booktubers are essentially Youtubers that make videos about books, talking about books, engaging in literary discussions with the audience, and more book related videos. The very first booktuber I was subscribed was Christine from Polandbananabooks and this was back in 2011, so it’s definitely nice to see the booktube community expanding and getting more recognition.

In honor of celebrating this exciting news, here are some subscribers that should worthy-subscribers:

Jessica from PriceisWong

She’s not your regular booktuber. She’s a versatile booktuber that creates content ranging from books to makeup. She is also including vlogs now too!

Jamie and Jeff from ermahgerd berks

A booktuber that occasionally features her boyfriend (“fiance”?) in her videos. Sometimes they do fun challenges like the bean boozle challenge and often challenge each other to read books that are outside of their genres too.

Grace from LovingDemBooks

If you like Polandbananabooks, you’ll like LovingDemBooks. A great personality and great content! She sometimes does skits too & she is a HUGE fan of Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare.

Here are some of the other booktubers that are listed on the booktube panel:

Christine Riccio

Jesse George

Kat O’ Keefe


Monica Watson

Lainey Kress




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