BooKss 101 Hosts Round 5 of #RYBSAT

round 5

Do you have an overwhelming pile of books on your bookshelf that you need to get too but you just don’t have the time to get to them at all? Or are you in a reading slump? Well, fret no more because booktuber, Miranda from Books101, has an answer to your problem.

Because of the overwhelming success from Round 1 of #RYBSAT (also known as Read Your Bookshelf-a-thon), Miranda has decided to continue with the readathon. The rule of the read-a-thon is to start at a random spot on your shelf & read as many books as you can from that point on.

Since Round 1 of #RYBSAT, Miranda has asked several other booktubers to host the readathon with her: Gary and Lainey. She has recently added Nahomy as a host for this round now too.

#RYBSAT Round 5 is a week long readathon starting from May 18th-May 25th so make sure to prepare your TBR pile for #RYBSAT Round 5! You could also share your TBR on twitter, instagram, & on youtube using the hashtag #RYBSAT. There is a NEW twitter page for #RYBSAT readathons that you could follow:

Twitter: @RYBSAT15

Miranda also said that you could use the #RYBSAT on instagram.

Good luck on the readathon, and I hope you guys can read as much as possible! 🙂




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