Booktube Community Takes Over Facebook

The booktube community is an ever growing community on YouTube. These YouTubers call themselves ‘booktubers’ because their YouTube channel is primarily focused around books. Some booktubers are versatile and include videos about writing, fashion, and more!

There have been several accounts on twitter, instagram, and tumblr dedicated to their favorite booktubers or they just talk about the booktube community in general. However, I just recently discovered a Facebook group called ‘booktubers’. Although, I did just realize that this group is for UK booktubers. In this group, booktubers in the community can add themselves to the group but booktuber admins, Sarah Churchill and Amber Kirk-Ford must accept you first.

The Facebook group page allows booktubers from all around the world to promote their channel, social media networks, and their latest videos. Essentially, this is just another way for booktubers to connect with each other and become friends!

If you have a facebook and you’re looking for a place dedicated to the UK booktube community, request access to the page here!




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  1. I joined that group about a year ago! ^^ it’s great fun to be able to interact with other booktubers! 😀

  2. It definitely is! & what’s more great is that you could talk to people about books that you love too! 🙂 -Ellen

  3. Yes absolutely! I mean that is why I started booktube in the first place! 😀

  4. That’s true! hehe 😉 Glad you joined the booktube community! 😀 -Ellen

  5. It’s a great community! 😀 Originally when I started youtube I didn’t know about booktube and even so my first videos were all writing related(poetry to be specific) ^^

  6. Haha So it’s like you kind of started a booktube channel without knowing that you did? -Ellen

  7. Exactly haha and then I went to do some music at the same time as a bit of books and stuff and now: “full-time” booktuber(on youtube that is, in “real life” I am a Uni student)! 😉

  8. Oh that’s nice! It’s nice to see some booktubers be more versatile on their channel. 🙂 That’s great that you’re a “full-time” booktuber now! 🙂 So glad to be seeing more people joining the booktube community! 😀 It’s amazing how much the community has grown since 2011. Oh cool! How do you manage your channel with school?-Ellen

  9. I started making my first videos back in 2012 🙂 It’s absolutely fantastic! I actually look for people who have just started so as to welcome them into the community! ^^ I can see the growth by the number of people who make, say, the booktube newbie tag, there are a few of those every week! 😀
    The channel takes up a lot of time and it is hard to coordinate it with studying.. I am hoping to film ahead this summer and have a at least 10 to 20 videos filmed ahead because I really need to concentrate on studying next year as the year counts towards my degree! Also I do not study a subject that requires any reading so there really is no overlap between study and booktubing.

  10. And wow, that has definitely been a long time! That’s amazing how you support other booktubers! 🙂 Oh yeah that’s true. Also, I notice that personality counts toward the amount of viewers you have too. It definitely does make a difference when people see that you are upbeat and really passionate about books versus someone who is not as quite enthusiastic. Ah That’s great! Hopefully you do try to get some filming in because that new scheduling feature on youtube is definitely useful! I’m actually thinking of getting some pre-filming done before summer school starts & when the fall semester kicks up again. School first then youtube next. 🙂 lol Ah Okay, that’s good that you still have to read too. 🙂 I definitely need to check your channel when I have time because I just recently subscribed to you. :)-Ellen

  11. Yeah, at this point I feel like I know the website quite well and yet there are so many things still there to be found! 😀 It’s great fun to help out others it just gives you a feeling of accomplishment, I believe! ^^ Yeah people really seem to enjoy videos by people who are enthusiastic(crazy excited, hyperactive) and passionate(obsessed)! 😀
    That feature is great! 😀 I finish my exams Friday next week and then I can film for a whole week! xD
    I don’t get that much time to read for fun unfortunately! Thank you very much! 😀

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