‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 6 Promo!

Did you guys see the trailer for Pretty Little Liars season 6 yet? Let’s break it down shall we? I haven’t been caught up with Pretty Little Liars lately because of school, so I’m going with what I know and have heard about the previous seasons. F.Y.I. I was in the middle of season 2 when school started to become more hectic, so I know I need to catch up when finals are over.

ANYWAYS, if you haven’t watched the first 5 seasons and just don’t like spoilers, then I suggest you should leave. But if you haven’t watched the first 5 seasons and don’t mind the spoilers, then you could stay. Also, if you’ve been keeping with your ‘A’ game (no pun intended?) then you should stay too.

From what I’ve heard, Hanna has been a bit haywire lately in season 5 which could possibly explain she might be at the mental institute (if that is the mental institute in the trailer). Also, I did hear that Aria went a bit….how do I say this nicely? Crazy (?) in the previous seasons because Ezra broke up with her and she found out that he was part of Mona’s ‘A’ team? Am I right so far? If I’m not, please correct me in the comment sections. So, I’m guessing that she’s better now since I see her with the girls. We also FINALLY get to know who the heck A is in this season. Many people are thinking that it’s Jason’s twin, which I didn’t even know that Jason has a twin. In the books, it was Alison who has a twin.

But before we get into the twin theory, let’s go more in depth with season 6 trailer shall we? As I was saying before, viewers finally get to know who A is. We also do get a name. They call A Charles, but I don’t think A is that smart to give up their identity away that quickly.

Along with A’s identity, we finally get to know what happened to Alison the night that she disappeared. Alison does explain a little bit about her disappearance in season 2 or 3, but I feel like she is creating an entirely different story.

I also do think that season 6 is going to get even DARKER than it already is with everything that is happening. I have also heard that there are rumors about Mona is not truly dead?

Before we get into everything else, here are my theories for season 6.

I would like to address my A theory first. A goes by the name Charles. However, there may be a plot twist and Charles is actually a female because sometimes with shows and movies like these, it could only go the opposite way. Many people are suggesting that A is Jason’s twin brother which I didn’t even know about until now. However, I do think that people are so caught up in the show that A has been right in front of us all along. In the Halloween episode for season 1 (I think), Alison was telling a story about 2 twin sisters & how one of them disappeared impersonating the other. I’m thinking that this is actually not a story because in the novel, this does happen. The show doesn’t go into depth with Alison’s siblings. All we know about is Jason and his “twin brother.” I’m just wondering if the show did this on purpose to sidetrack people? I don’t know. Ever since the beginning of the show, I just felt like A is right in front of us all along. And EPIPHANY!

I was just thinking back to season 1 to Alison’s disappearance. Spencer mentioned to the girls that “Alison” was acting differently the summer that she came back from her grandma’s place. Spencer also did figure out that Ian was staying with “Ali.” And if I remember correctly, Melissa was also staying at the same resort that Ian did as well? So, I was thinking that there could have possibly been a plan to murder the real Ali so Ali’s twin could take over her life. I mean why else would “Ali” want to start hanging out with the four girls to begin with right? Ali’s twin might have been jealous of Ali and could have killed her at the resort she was staying with Ian.

Everything that “Ali” has told us could have been a cover up for the actual story that the show will reveal for season 7.




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