‘Red Queen’ by Victoria Aveyard Gets Published in Brazil

Brazil reader, Gabriel Souza, tweeted to Victoria Aveyard that Brazilian readers can expect The Red Queen to purchase the novel soon. There has been many hype around this novel in the U.S. since it was recently published back in February. Readers could expect the second installment to The Red Queen trilogy to release next year.




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  1. Happy for you! I have already read the book (don’t worry I won’t spoil it) and it was mildly interesting, possibly enough that I might read the next book, but it was often so predictable and the entire thing was just… Cliché. Stereotypical. Mostly. Unfortunately, I have yet to meet a single person who really LOVES this book. Wow, I’m being so negative! Way unlike me… Anyway, even though I’ve said all this negative stuff (wow this is bad), you should still try out this book. Make your own opinion! I’d love to hear what you think. I hope I didn’t persuade you to not read this book… (I probably shouldn’t have said anything) On that happy note, have a great afternoon! 🙂

  2. Don’t worry! Your just sharing your thoughts on The Red Queen! 🙂 It’s a shame that you weren’t able to enjoy the book. :\ Are you thinking of continuing the trilogy?

    Yeah, I’m definitely thinking of picking up this book to read next! Sounds interesting, and hopefully it lives up to the hype!

    Thanks Amy for sharing your thoughts with us! -Ellen

  3. Glad I didn’t ruin the image for you! Yes, I actually am thinking of continuing with the series. The premise was good enough that I think if she embraces it, it could really turn out as an incredible story. But if I find the second book to be unappealing, you will not be seeing me reading the third! 🙂

  4. Haha We wouldn’t that to happen! xD Ooh that’s good. SOMETIMES, only sometimes does that the 2nd book is where the story picks off. So hopefully Victoria Aveyard will work her writer’s magic on the story. 🙂 There are definitely mixed reviews for the Red Queen though. By the way, we do apologize for not replying right away. But we are are trying to go through ALL comments asap & we APPRECIATE you sharing your opinions with us! & thank YOU for reading our posts! 🙂 -Ellen

  5. 🙂 Yes, I think VA is a great writer and I love her style. I’m still waiting for Nikki to read RQ so I can rant! 😛
    And of course, I understand. 🙂 Not sure if you were aware, but if you get the WordPress app (on a smartphone or tablet or whatever) it alerts you to new comments, likes, followers, all that good stuff. 🙂

  6. Hehehe You’re such a good person for not spoiling it for other people. haha
    I do have the wordpress app, but I kind of just get lazy with replying to comments….I know, it sounds bad of me but I try my best to reply to all of the comments. lol Thanks for the suggestion though! -Ellen

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