From Blog-to-Booktube Liveshow: What’s Happening in YA community?

Hello everyone!

I recently started a new segment on my booktube channel called “From Blog-to-Booktube” in which I deliver the latest YA bookish news from the blog to the booktube community. Basically, I’m taking the latest articles we’ve written here on the website and delivering it to the booktube community so everyone could be in the know.

There are 2 episodes on this segment so far which you could view here on my “From Blog-to-Booktube” playlist. However, school has been hectic lately so I haven’t been able to update weekly on what’s been going in the YA community. So, I’ve decided to do a liveshow on my channel on May 22nd at 4p.m. PST. I’ll be updating everyone from the latest YA news on books, movies, and tv shows! And, I’ll be discussing about the some casting news and just about everything else that has to deal with the YA community. You don’t want to miss out on this liveshow. It’s definitely going to be one of the epic segments I’ve done yet.

Don’t forget to follow us on twitter (@yabookishnews) because I’ll be tweeting out the link to where you could view the liveshow and get in on the discussion too.




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