The Hype Before Truthwitch by Susan Dennard Releases?

The fans of Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard are hyping about her newest novel, Truthwitch, in her latest series called The Witchland series. BUT, Truthwitch doesn’t release until January 2016. So what’s the hype all about now then?

“If you’re familiar with the Something Strange and Deadly trilogy, you might expect the same from Truthwitch. According to Susan Dennard’s review on Goodreads, she states the following:
Basically, the entire Witchlands series will be full of the stuff you’ve come to expect from me (if you’ve read the Something Strange & Deadly series or the Starkillers Cycle). There’s epic action, really high stakes, diverse lead characters, a huge world, and tense (tense!) romance(s).

On top of that, Truthwitch has elemental magic and a chosen pair (of kickass girls!) who bring balance to the world. There are antiheros and pirates and dragons and monsters who look like humans…as well as humans who look like monsters. Oh, and did I mention the romance? ;)”

Dennard is also not a stranger when it comes to constructing friendships as readers have seen in the Something Strange and Deadly trilogy. With Dennard’s writing and capabilities of building beautiful friendships and relationships, will the hype live it up to it’s standards in Dennard’s newest series, The Witchlands?

Fans of the Something Strange and Deadly trilogy and Susan Dennard’s writing can sign up to be part of the official #TruthWitchStreetTeam here. For more on Truthwitch updates, follow @TruthwitchNews. However, there is a limited number of spaces for each clans.

There is an unofficial street team on twitter created by Liran @HeartsandCrowns, Zoey @zoeytalbon, and me @yabookishnews. Readers of Susan Dennard can tweet their tweets to #DeadlyTruthWitchClan to discuss about Something Strange and Deadly and Truthwitch. There is also an official twitter page for the unofficial street team called @TruthwitchClan for more updates on Truthwitch and everything related to Susan Dennard!




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  1. Alejandra says:

    I’m so sad I haven’t read SS&D, but Zombies just scare me… Do you think it’ll be okay for me to read this?

  2. Uumm It does kind of get a bit…grotesque in some scenes but for the most part it’s not as bad as most zombie books. It’s mostly about necromancy and magic. -Ellen

  3. OMG SS&D IS SOOOO GOOD! The writing, the story, the relationships, the spirit hunters, EVERYTHING is just so well done!! It does kind of get grotesque in a couple of scenes. But for the most, it’s mostly about necromancy & magic. It’s not terribly grotesque like Warm Bodies. -Ellen

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