New Cover Designs for “The Infernal Devices” Trilogy by Cassandra Clare

The Mortal Instruments series (now renamed to Shadowhunters series) recently went under a new cover design for the entire series. This could only mean that the prequel to the series, The Infernal Devices trilogy, has to undergo a new change as well. And, I definitely think it was for the better of it because the covers are absolutely stunning and the art work is amazing!

clockwork angel revealclockwork prince  clockwork princess reveal

I think my favorite has to be Clockwork Prince because of…well, because it’s Jem Carstairs on the cover. Why would you not want Jem on the cover? And does anyone realize what the sticker on the bottom left hand corner say?

Soon to be an ABC Family Original series.

Could it possibly be that The Infernal Devices will join the Shadowhunters TV show!? If so, that would be freaking awesome and it would make my life to see my Jem in real life!

What do you guys think of the newest cover reveals for The Infernal Devices trilogy? And who is your dream casting for The Infernal Devices trilogy? Let us know in the comment section below!




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  1. Scarlett says:

    I saw that too! I can’t believe no one else saw the ABC sticker! I hope the show happens! I’m not sure who I would want for Will or Jem, but I do know that I’m dying for this girl on Youtube to be Tessa Gray! Her name’s Sarah Kirse and she’s a youtuber known as TheAshTenshi. She posts these awesome Tessa Gray monologue videos on Youtube. She’s said publicly that it’s her dream to try out for the role of Tessa, and I really hope her dream comes true! It’s crazy how much she looks like her and acts like her! She’s definitely my dream casting for Tessa!
    Haha sorry I guess I just fangirled a bit! But seriously, if you have no idea who she is then you need to check her out! 😀

  2. OMG I thought I was the only that saw it too! LOL xD Good eye! 😉 Oooh good choice! Well I mean if she’s auditioning for Tessa Gray, that means there HAS to be a TID Tv show right? & it only makes sense to have a TID tv show because of the Shadowhunters tv show! OMG I really DO hope it does come true! It’d be AWESOME to see Will, Tessa, & Jem come to life! I hope they dont ruin it though! :\

    Don’t worry! We love it when you share your thoughts with us! Also, we’re sorry that we cant get to your comments any faster, but we are trying are best to respond to all comments! Thank you for your comment & keeping up with the blog posts! <333 & I checked her out! She's awesome & she does resemble closely to what I pictured Tessa! -Ellen

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