Guess Who Joined The Team?

Hello everyone my blogger name/persona is Fantasy Angel! I am the blogger behind Avid Reader, a blog about books, their movies and writing and I’ve joined the team as the TV Show Expert on Shadowhunters and as the blog’s editor. I have loved reading ever since I was really young (I used to use the osmosis approach of reading by chewing on them) and, after many years, I decided to create a blog/site to talk about the books I love and also warn you of the books that don’t make it very high on my good book list. I mostly read and review fantasy, mystery, crime and the occasional realistic fiction. I post book reviews as much as I can in my too busy life and day posts (Top Ten TuesdayWriting WednesdaysFriday Finds, and 10 Second Reviews) once every week on their specified day. On here, I’ll be talking/updating you on all the Shadowhunter news and I’ll be (part) of the reason all the posts are good enough for you to read! I hope you enjoy the rest of the website and see you guys in the posts and on Twitter (my sign off is “-FA”)!

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  1. Elm says:

    Sounds awesome! 🙂

  2. Thank you! 🙂 – FA

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