Valentine, Magnus and All The Reactions

Hello readers! So if you have not “met” me yet, my name (well, persona really) is Fantasy Angel, and I am actually the blogger from Avid Reader. Avid Reader is a blog all about books, their movies and writing and I’m here today to officially start my first day as YA Bookish News’ TV Show Expert (on Shadowhunters TV) and as editor. I’m super excited about this and hope that you’ll enjoy the following post.

Okay, so as you may now, the beloved The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare was movie-fied back in 2013 but many fans were not happy with it (I loved it but that’s beside the point). Taking that into account, ABC Family and Cassandra Clare teamed up and now the amazing 6 book series is getting turned into a TV show called Shadowhunters. As of lately, the cast for the series have been getting released and thought you may know who they are, you may not know the reactions and where else they played. Thus, if you click on this link, you shall see all my reactions/thoughts on the cast. Now for the latest casting news:

So today, Valentine and Magnus were cast for the show and the actors are: Alan Van Sprang and Harry Shum Jr respectively. Check them out below:

Valentine is on the left and Magnus is on the right

So what are the reactions/thoughts to these castings? Take a look”

Thoughts on Alan:

Other than how he’s built and maybe the face, he doesn’t feel like he should be Valentine and I think that’s because of three things:

  1. He is practically bald….(where is his blonde hair???)
  2. The pic that was first shown to me of Alan was in a business suit and that threw me off big time (hello! (male) Shadowhunters usually = shadowhunter gear)
  3. I liked Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Valentine a lot! I thought he was practically perfect for the role….except for the crazy and the black hair. Other than that, loved him! It’s going to take a bit to be honest.

Now for whats he played in: Reign, The Tudors, King etc…None that I know of.

I know it’s going to take me a bit for Alan to sink in as Valentine (just like Isaiah for Luke) but I know it’ll happen. I mean Jamie Campbell Bower was not Jace when I first saw him cast but then I thought he was perf. (Now I also think Dominic is an awesome Jace!).

Thoughts on Harry:

First thought: aww this isn’t Adam Lambert. Second thought, this guy could def be Magnus. He has the spiky hair, the tallish body (he’s Asian!) sooo I think we’re good looks-wise here. Now acting wise, I’m also not sure of how good he is, but he must be good to have been picked for the show.

I know he was in Glee (a lot of people fangirled over that on Twitter) and I’m looking and he was also in: Step Up 2, Step Up 3D and some other things. Haven’t watched any of his work but he seems like he’ll be good so fingers crossed everyone!

So I’m excited to see who Jocelyn is (and Church and Chairman Meow) and then we’ll pretty much be done with the main cast. YAY! I’m sooo excited for this! I can’t wait to see the characters on screen! Anyway, see you guys back next time there is something else Shadowhunter newsworthy! Thanks, Have a great day/night and tata for now!

Fantasy Angel


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  1. I watched Reign, and though Alan definitely doesn’t fit the physical description, I think he’ll be great at acting the role!

  2. Hmmmm if you say he’s a great actor (and combined with him getting picked for the role of Valentine which is huge) then I think he’ll be good too 🙂

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