“Divergent Series: Insurgent” Blu Ray + DVD Releases a Day After “Allegiant Part 1” Starts Filming


It’s hard to believe that Divergent Series: Insurgent released just two months ago. It’s honestly amazing how time can fly by that fast. But, fans of the series can now purchase the move in Blu-Ray + DVD + DIGITAL HD so you could add it next to your lonely DVD of Divergent, the first installment in a four part movie saga.

Isn’t a coincidence that the DVD for Divergent Series: Insurgent releases ONE DAY after Allegiant Part 1 starts to film? Like how crazy is that right!? But ugh, that means we have to wait one more year for the movie to release. Gah! The struggles! Or more like first world problems? haha! Don’t forget to make sure to stop by your local store to purchase Divergent Series: Insurgent to kill some time before Allegiant Part 1 releases on March 18th, 2016.




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