John Green is Being Threatened for Casting of “Looking for Alaska!”

Yikes! John Green is being threatened because of rumors about one of the cast members being casted for the Looking for Alaska movie? According to International Business Timesthe death threats initiated after there have been rumors that actress, Acacia Brinley is allegedly rumored to join the cast. Although nothing has been confirmed by Paramount yet, fans started getting angry when youtuber and actress, Acacia Brinly, hinted that she auditioned for the Looking for Alaska movie. That’s when the death threats toward the author started to happen. John Green himself had to take it to twitter to ask the fans to stop threatening to kill him. Adding afterwards that he’s not

“the casting director and that hundreds of people will audition for those roles.”

Acacia also went onto twitter to tweet to her fans:

International Business Times also said that Acacia tweeted a picture of the script only to delete right afterwards. Perhaps to not cause anymore chaos among the unsupportive fans? 

Honestly, people could get really feisty on social media nowadays and think because they are hiding behind the screens of their devices they could start threatening and bullying people. It’s a scary world out there in the social media world. Before you start threatening people, let them have a chance to showcase their talent. And before you start to point fingers at someone, remember that even if you don’t like something life isn’t always fair. 





2 Comments Add yours

  1. Elm says:

    … WHY the hell would anyone threaten HIM, or HER for that matter! That’s awful!

  2. I KNOW RIGHT? People shouldnt start to attack the authors. They have no control over the film since that is not their area. -Ellen

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