The Wall Street Journal Mentions New Adult Author, Colleen Hoover

Although Colleen Hoover is not a YA author, she is popular among the book community so it’s worth to mention that she may or may not have been mentioned by The Wall Street Journal which is totally not a big deal…UM BIG DEAL! In the article, The WSJ mentions about the big book event called BookCon for book lovers.

All ages are welcome & there is every type of genre you could imagine at the event. It’s probably one of the most biggest literary events in the world (in my mind at least). The article mentions about top-selling authors such as John Green, James Patterson, & many more articles!

In the paragraph that mentions about Colleen Hoover, THE WSJ says:

“For erotica readers, writers including Abbi Glines and Colleen Hoover will discuss “Beyond Fifty Shades: What’s Next in New Adult & Romance Reading.”

For those attending BEA & BookCon 2015, we hope you have a great time meeting authors while grabbing many ARCs as you can! Because let’s be honest here, people are not just here for the signings. They want the ARCs. If you attended BEA, let us know how your experience was, if you had fun, & who you met! Or just comment about anything in section! We love to read your thoughts! My youtube newsfeed will most likely be clogging up with videos about booktubers’ experience at BEA & collabs. haha Have a great time everyone!




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