Happy 6 Months Anniversary to YA Bookish News!

YA Bookish News hits it’s halfway mark today! The very first official blog post that I (Ellen) posted was on January 1st, 2015 at 12:00a.m. I initially started this blog to update book lovers (like me) on the latest news in the YA book community. However, I had no idea that the blog could’ve expanded to what it is today.

Although it has only been 6 months since the blog/entertainment website started, I do see a bright future for the website. I’m not the type of person to commit to one specific thing. The blog is constantly changing and growing out of its comfort zone. That’s what is keeping the blog from continuing to grow. It’s not exactly a blog, but it’s also not exactly an entertainment website either. This website is here to keep people informed of the latest YA Bookish News from tv shows to movies to books. But, the books are still the heart of this website because this is where are all of these tv shows and movies are derived from.

Asides from the website, we also do try to update our social media websites as well which have grown immensely since it first started. It may not seem a lot to some people, but to us, it’s a lot.

Our social media stats:

Facebook: 21 likes

Twitter: 215 followers

Instagram (@yabookishnews): 85 followers

Website: 46 followers

But, to be honest with you guys though, I would have probably deleted this site if I couldn’t handle it myself which I really can’t. I have help from the most wonderful people I could ever ask for. Since January, the YA Bookish News team have grown from a 1 person team to a 3 person team with a couple of more joining soon. I would like to personally thank my real life best friend, Tamara who is also co-founder of this website and my twitter friend, Fantasy Angel. They are the best people in the whole wide world and I do not even know how to thank them properly. They keep this site running during the most busiest moments of my life by replying to your tweets on twitter, posting on our facebook page, replying to emails, and replying to your comments on the website. They also keep you entertained with Shadowhunting TV news and reviewing the latest YA books too. If you guys are reading this right now, THANK YOU SO MUCH and I’m sending you 10000 love from Daniel Sheridan! If you get this reference, then you’re an awesome human being. ❤

Someone else I’d like to thank is YOU. Yes, YOU. Thank you everyone who has supported us from the beginning, the end….It doesn’t even matter when you supported us, but THANK YOU for supporting us and enjoying what we have posted on our website! As I have said before, we are constantly growing and changing as a team and as a website. We’re slowly learning our way with the blog tours, the website, & just the internet in general. So, thank you for being patient with us & supporting us!! We cannot thank you enough!

Keep calm and continue reading!

From Ellen and the YA Bookish News team


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Elm says:

    To all of you – thank YOU for making this website. It’s great and I honestly love it. Your personalities are amazing and funny and lovely and PLEASE, PLEASE keep this up.

  2. That means soooo much to us! Thank you so much for keeping up with the website! It reminds us that someone does like our website. Thank you for your kind comment! ❤ -Ellen

  3. Elm says:

    Course I like your website! 🙂 And any time; it’s what I’m here for!

  4. Hehehe ❤ -Ellen

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