“P.S. I Still Love You” by Jenny Han Release Party

P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han was released on May 26th which means that there has to be a release party for the book too right? And that is right.

Han posted some cute pictures of the party on her instagram (@missjennyhan) posing with some authors, readers, & a special post from her baby nephew! Check out the pics below!

Do you recognize any of these YA authors and one YA editor?! 😍 #PSIStillLoveYou

A post shared by Jenny Han (@jennyhan) on

Mei and Christyna, nail artist and makeup artists extraordinaire! I 😍 you guys #PSIStillLoveYou

A post shared by Jenny Han (@jennyhan) on

Look at all the beautiful faces! Love to you all! #PSIStillLoveYou party people

A post shared by Jenny Han (@jennyhan) on

We’re saving the best for last so you could just squeal at the cuteness!

There was a special appearance from Helen Chin aka Lara Jean, the model for the covers!

The release party was held at Powerhouse Arena in New York. Did you go to the release party? If so, how fun was it? Tell us your experience in the comment section! We would LOVE to know!

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