S&EA Blog Tour-Gushworthy Moments and Giveaway

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The S&EA Blog Tour is hosted by the @TruthwitchClan on Twitter. The Clan consists of Ellen from @yabookishnews, Liran from HeartsCrowns, and Zoey from Uncreatively Zoey.

Today is the first day of the blog tour, and we are the first blog of the tour. I chose to do gushworthy moments form the Something Strange and Deadly trilogy in order to build up the hype for everyone. But beware that you may experience some symptoms such as fangirling, squealing, biting nails, & jumping off your seats. But this is all normal if you ship the characters in the book.

Something Strange and Deadly 

  • The first scene I chose primarily because this is the first time we meet the one and only, Monsieur Daniel Sheridan. Just kidding, his name is only Daniel Sheridan. hehe

        “My surprise grew when I noticed that, with his face fully exposed, the blond man was quite young- perhaps only a                few years older than me…..

        He folded his arms over his chest. “You’ve ruined my experiment.”

       I took a weary breath, lifted my and, and purred, “I’m truly sorry, sir.”-page 56

  • This next scene I chose because this is the first time we truly get to see Clarence. And he’s just really charming too. Who doesn’t like charming guys?

     “‘So Miss Fitt,’ Clarence said once we turned onto a tree-lined road beside the river, ‘you are no doubt wondering why I        invited you out.’

    I swatted the ribbon from my eyes. ‘And here I assumed it was my unsurpassable good looks.’

   He chuckled. ‘That was, of course, part of my motivation.'”-page 79

  • This next scene I chose because…Well you’re going to have to read for yourself and be the judge of that. hehehe #Deleanor

   “His mouth reached mine, and in an instant I knew what the fascination with lips was all about. Even the gentlest touch-        for that was all it was -sent my mind reeling and my heart racing. It was sweeter than I’d ever dreamed possible. His            scene and touch overwhelmed my brain, and I could think of nothing but Daniel.”-page 335

  • Okay so one more scene because I just HAVE to include this heartwrenching moment. GAH WHYYYYY?

“He perched on the edge. Then he tugged off his cap and squeezed it in his hands. ‘I wanted to say good-bye…and tell         you sorry.’

     ‘For what?’

     ‘For everything….When you first came to our lab, I thought you were a snobby princess who only cared about herself.          Just the sort of person I hate.’ 

    I bit the inside of my mouth, trying to keep the thirsty ache away. ‘A-and now?’

   ‘Now…’ He shook his head and gazed at his cap. ‘Well, you’re none of that. I was wrong. You’re an empress with grit and    brains, and I wish…'”-page 385

A Darkness Strange and Lovely

  • Susan Dennard sure knows how to open a book with a gushworthy moment.

    “Squeezed below Jie’s letter, in Daniel’s loping, slanted scrawl, it said:


   Stay out of trouble. I can’t rescue you from across an ocean.

   Daniel”-page 6


  • Here’s a little exchange with one of the new characters, Oliver, and Eleanor.

“He chortled. ‘Let’s merely say that when you told me about the Spirit-Hunters, your careful avoidance of discussing him,       combined with the lovesick look on your face-‘

      ‘I am not lovesick!’

      ‘Of course not,’ he said flatly. ‘Does he know how you feel?’

       ‘I refuse to discuss this with you.'”-page 134

  • I’m including this seen mostly because we just don’t give Joseph enough credit for his charms. hehe

         “He lifted, his eyes twinkling. “It is so wonderful to see you, Eleanor. The last time I saw you, you saved my life.’ His              hand moved to his left cheek, where jagged white scars puckered- scars that could only be the remnants of….”I must            say you look as lovely as ever.’ 

        Heat flooded my face. ‘Joseph, I had no idea you could be so charming.'”-page 154

  • Now of course, I can’t avoid another gushworthy moment with Daniel and Eleanor can I? Don’t answer that question. haha

 “As we ambled past the chestnut-lined square, I suddenly realized something. ‘Daniel!’ I yanked him to a stop. ‘We did          none of your research! I’m so sorry- I took over all of your time.’

        He smiled shyly. “I didn’t actually have any research to do, Empress. I just wanted to….Here, come with me.’ He pulled         me into the square and over the grass to the fountain’s edge. As the water poured out from the bronze women’s                   vases, he slowed to a stop and angled himself toward me. ‘Will you be at the ball tomorrow night?’-page 244

Oh Daniel, such a smooth move. Siiiigh

Strange and Ever After

  • So things start on a rocky path for Oliver and Daniel….

“‘You hear her,’ Oliver said, sautering closer. He wore a smile as fake as his voice. ‘She asked you to go, Danny Boy.’

         Red exploded on Daniel’s cheeks. In a violent twist, he rounded on Oliver and slammed him to the wall. ‘You have                poisoned her mind, Demon.'”-page 19


  • Okay, okay if this is not a gushworthy moment then I don’t even know what it is. I just-Aahhhhh I can’t contain myself.

 “‘I barely gt to you in time, Empress. You almost didn’t get out of that city alive, and…’ He inhaled sharply…..”I never                could’ve forgiven myself if I’d lost you – don’t you see that?’ His eyes captured mine once more. ‘Especially if you never        knew how I felt about you. So unflinching and….” He swallowed. “And unafraid, I…am…in love with you.”-page 113


Alright, that’s as far as I could go right now because if I go any further it’s just too unbearable to even bare(?) with. And hopefully, I convinced everyone to read the Something Strange and Deadly trilogy and purchase it because Truthwitch by Susan Dennard is going to be released in January. I hope you guys know that by now. hehe

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Giveaway Time!

Susan Dennard will be giving away a SIGNED copy of one of the books from the Something Strange and Deadly trilogy (U.S. only) or an ebook of Something Strange and Deadly (International). Enter the giveaway here!

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  1. cjlistro says:

    Oh god, you’ve captured so many of my favorite moments! Lovely list! My only addition would be the “Too” scene, because it gets me every single time.

    Sarcasm & Lemons

  2. Wait, the “Too” scene? Which one? Lol -Ellen

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