We Need To Talk About Shadowhunters

Hello everyone! I’m back with some two epic Shadowhunters news things that are probs going to make you die. First off is the fact that Dominic Sherwood hurt his foot on set. Now, other than the fact that he’s hurt, that may not seem like such a bad thing but it is and here’s why. Okay so Dominc is Jace on the show and he’s this epic and amazing Shadowhunter with some pretty rocking moves. What does this mean for mundane Dominc? Stunts. I believe he’s doing his own stunts and so getting hurt like this probably sets those stunts back a bit. That’s why that’s bad. Now of course him getting hurt may not exactly mean that and he’s actually doing all fine and dandy now and he’s stunting up the set but that’s just my thoughts and some important news I thought I’d share with you.

Second thing is about this progression of tweets from Cassandra Clare in response to a question.

Cassie scriptCassie script2








Now what does this mean for us? The script isn’t really changing. That the original script we saw – you know, the one we *hoped* wasn’t true – is happening. I’m hoping that it turns out well and still stays true to the books. Well, as true as a tv show can get. I am disappointed that the original script is happening for the most part but I’m still excited for the show and so, like Cassandra Clare said, I’ll just have to wait and see as to how everything turns out.

All in all, what are your thoughts on the above news? Are you shocked? Disappointed? Happy? Neutral? Let me know what you think below in the comments! Also disclaimer, these are my thoughts. I don’t mean to sound mean if I do and Cassandra Clare is not responsible for the script or anything so don’t yell at her or anyone else either. Thanks, have a great day/night and tata for now!

~Fantasy Angel, Shadowhunters TV Expert and TV Show Post Editor




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