Gotham Season 2 Promo New Batman Villains & New Trailer

Gotham fans, prepare yourself for more crime and justice in season 2! Fox is bringing back Gotham with more crime and Batman villains and the Joker to the show for this season.

At the Comic Con panel with the Gotham cast, the creator of the show, Bruno Heller, revealed that we will get to know more of James Gordon, the newest detective for Gotham City Police Department.

We also get a new trailer for Gotham season 2, which I really want to put on queue until I finish season 1 because I’m only episode 6 right now. P.S. This show is really addicting. But apparently, according to Den of Geek, there’s going to be lots of promo for the Joker which is really exciting to hear about!

The first trailer for season 2 teased the fans of what is supposedly hidden under the Wayne’s manor, whatever that may be.

Gotham season 2 will be premiering on Monday, September 21st at 8pm!


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