Disney Classics in the Remake

Huffington Post shared the entire list of all of the Disney classics that Disney is planning on remaking into live action. Some of the Disney classics that Huffington Post have already been mentioned on our website such as Beauty and the Beast.

Some other Disney classics that will be remade into live action will be:

“Sword in the Stone”


According to Huffington Postthe Hollywood Reporter reported that “Games of Throne” writer and producer, Bryan Cogman will be writing the script for the movie.

“The Jungle Book”


The Jungle Book live action movie is reportedly due for April 15th, 2016. Jon Favreau will be directing the live action film. Most of the characters have been casted already including Kaa as Scarlet Johansen.

“Night on Bald Mountain”


Supposedly Disney’s scariest moments in Fantasia will be remade into a film called Night on a Bald Mountain.



Huffington Post reveals that Reese Witherspoon will be portraying the little fairy, Tinkerbell in Disney’s Peter Pan spinoff. Witherspoon is also reportedly producing the movie as well.

“The Little Mermaid”


Although Sophia Coppola has reportedly dropped out of the project, the live action film is still underway.



As of last year, there have been rumors that Dumbo will also have it’s own live action film. It has be known that Tim Burton will be directing the film. There’ll be a mix of live-action film and animation.



Peter Hedges is set to write the script for Pinocchio as Disney finally allows Pinocchio to become a real boy.


download (1)

Since the beginning of the year, it has been revealed that Mulan will have her chance in an American live action film. There have already been other versions of Mulan made into live action film such as the 2010 Chinese version of Mulan starring Vicky Zhao, a popular Chinese actress.

“Aladdin” Prequel

download (2)

It has been revealed that the film Genies will be based on Robin William’s blue genie and the film will lead to a live action film.

“Prince Charming”

download (3)

Prince Charming finally has his chance to shine too. However, it’s still unclear if it’s going to be the prince from Cinderella or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

“Winnie the Pooh”

download (4)

The live action film be will focusing on the adult version of Christopher Robin. Alex Ross Perry will be directing the live action film in the retelling of Winnie the Pooh.

“Chip and Dale”

download (5)

Disney is working to have a live action film that will tell their origin story of Chip’s and Dale’s detective team, Rescue Rangers.

Which one are your favorite Disney movies? Are you excited to see these Disney’s movie to come to life? Or do you want to see something more original?




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