Twilight tenth anniversary edition: Twilight reimagined “Life after Death”

  Hello Twi-hard fanatics!

  If you fell in love with the Twilight series, you probably already know this! But today Stephenie Meyer has released her tenth anniversary edition, which includes a foreword, the Twilight original novel, and the Twilight:Life after Death 400 page extra. It is a  gender swapped version of twilight. I took the liberty of side by side reading a bit of Twilight and the reimagined version. To be honest it’s basically the same. It changes a few pronouns and sprinkles a bit of new content. I would only recommend buying this to add to the collection, if you’re still as in love with Twilight as most people are. The fandom still reigns! You can find the novel everywhere, I recommend Target who is selling it at its cheapest for $14.99, I do not sponsor Target, but they always have the most reasonable prices for new books and that is where I will be buying my copy! Leave comments on whether you love the idea of this reimagined edition. Personally my opinion is that ‘Midnight Sun’ should have been brought, I would have died of happiness. Though I love this cover, the green apple with the guy hand is cute alongside the Twilight cover of the female hand holding the red apple! Feel free to also share your thoughts if you have read the novel already!



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