Exclusive: “Shadowhunters” Oficial Posters and the Differences

Freeform’s (previously ABC Family) much anticipated TV show, Shadowhunters, releases the official posters on Friday, November 20th. And it seems like this franchise is investing more time to portray the Shadowhunters (previously The Mortal Instruments) story accurately.

But first, let’s check out these amazing posters from the Shadowhunters TV show.

Now let’s examine the differences between the Shadowhunters and Mortal Instruments posters.


1) Lack of facial expressions

The very first obvious hint is the characters’ facial expressions. There is definitely a lack of expressions in the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones poster. Yes, the new cast may have a lack of facial expressions as well but they are more in character than the cast of the Mortal Instruments poster. As for the TMI cast, they just look like they hate being there. Izzy’s stance suggests that she’s closed off which is definitely not how her character is supposed to act. Simon’s just in the back looking shy and useless. All of the casts’ position in the TMI is just uncoordinated.

2) Mundane status

The second difference that we spotted is how mundane the characters look in The Mortal Instruments poster versus the Shadowhunters. Although the TMI  cast has their outfits and runes, it just seems more for props than anything else. Their nonverbal messages are just screaming average citizens. The only clues we have that the movie is supernatural is perhaps the rune in the sky and that’s about it. Contrary, the Shadowhunters poster screams supernatural to us. They do not seem like your average mundane citizen. Also, notice how Izzy and Alec have props in the Shadowhunters poster? It defines their character and how bad a** they’re going to be. However, it does show a different personality for Alec in the Shadowhunters poster so let’s see how different his character will be in the TV show.

3) Setting

The Shadowhunters is set as  urban fantasy-supernatural worldin New York. Nothing in the TMI poster says that whatsoever. It seems like the graphic designer just put the city on the bottom corner because it just has to be there. However, for the Shadowhunters poster, you could see a small hint of New York in the background suggesting that it does take place in New York but keep in mind that this a supernatural-fantasy TV show which is one contrast from the movie to the TV show. The movie did not portray the Downworld that well because most of it took place in New York. This suggests that viewers could expect to see more Downworlders if they were expecting that in the movie.

4) Magnus Bane

If you’ve read the series, you may know that Magnus Bane plays an important role in both the Shadowhunters and the Infernal Devices. He also has his own series called the Bane Chronicles. However, do note that he was not promoted in the TMI poster but he is promoted in the Shadowhunters series. Magnus Bane fans can definitely look forward to more Magnus in the TV series and more #Malec too.

5) Simon Lewis

For those of us that have read the series, we know that Simon is a dorky nerd. However, for this of us that have not read this series, this may be a spoiler for you so you have been WARNED. If you’ve watched the movie, then you may know that Simon does turn into a vampire later on which suggests his stance in the Shadowhunters poster. He at least does not seem useless and perhaps may know how to fight a little. Freeform may have a more important role for Simon in the TV show than in the movie.

6) The Portal

Okay so in the series, there’s the portal where the characters can travel between worlds. There is smoke swirling around all of the Shadowhunters posters which suggests that these characters are not from this world. However, in the beginning of the story, Clary Fray was just a normal mundane until she discovers that she’s special. This probably suggests that the writers may have changed the story line just a fraction or so.

Those are just some of the differences that we’ve spotted. Now it’s your turn. Can  you spot the differences?





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