What We’re Thankful for

Even though you should be appreciative, grateful, and thankful for everything you have everyday. Today is a special day to gives thanks to everyone and be thankful for everything we have. We’re especially thankful for all of our readers for being so supportive and for letting us continue to do what we love the most and for allowing us to celebrate Thanksgiving with you all.

Ellen, founder of the YA Bookish News, shares with you her list of what we’re thankful for.

1) For this Website

Although I have a booktube channel, I have decided to create this website as a way to share my passion of books – especially my passion for YA books- to the audience.

2) The YA Bookish News Team

Even though we have lost a member of our team due to personal life issues, I am still very grateful to everyone who has contributed to the website. I show my appreciation for all of your hard work every single day because I do not take anything for granted. Without the YA Bookish News team, the website would probably still not exist today because I’ll most likely abandon the website once school gets busy. But with the motivation from everyone on the team, I continue to bring the readers daily news about the YA community.

3) The Readers

I am especially thankful for all of our readers because with any of you, there would be no YA Bookish News without our readers. I do pay attention to who constantly likes our posts and comments our posts, so do not think that we forget about you!

4) The Books and Writers

Without the talented authors, we most definitely wouldn’t have anything to talk about on here! I’m so thankful for books to exist and to show us that anything is possible with the power of our imaginations!

Best wishes,

YA Bookish News Team


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