This is a page dedicated for any authors, booktubers, or bloggers who have associated with our website.


Am I considered an affiliate?

If you have participated in any of our blog tours, guest posted on our website, or allowed us to use any of your pictures or videos from any events then you are considered an affiliate. Also, if you are a booktuber, blogger, and author who would like a dedication post that will be posted on the sidebar for one week then you are considered as an affiliate.

Permission to use your media

Here on the YA Bookish News website, we will be covering various events such as the LA Times Book Festival, BEA, Book Con, and so forth. However, we could not afford the expense to attend all of the events and conventions so this is where YOU come. We would like to ask YOUR permission if we could use some of your pictures and videos that you have taken to any of the events listed in our local events list or any of the events that YOU may have attended that you think that we should cover here on the YA Bookish News.

What is considered as a media?

A media would be any pictures or videos that you may have taken during the event.

You are granted my permission to use my media. How do I send you my media?

First of all, thank you for allowing us to use your media. To send us your media, please send us your media to our e-mail In your message, please include your name, event information such as BEA, and a short description of your time there or just anything you want to write about the event. We will be including everything on our post, and you will be automatically added onto our affiliate list.


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