Review Policy

If you are a publishing company/author and are interested in contacting us to review your books, please read our review policy before any requests are made. Please note that we do not accept any novels that are not suitable for our audience that may be younger than 15 years.

We are a book website that pertains to the young adult genre. We accept ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies). We do not accept the following genres: erotica and graphic violence.

We do not accept any compensations for our reviews. Sometimes publishing companies and authors are generous enough to request a review from us to post on our site. However, most of the time, the Reviewers spend their own money to support the authors or borrow from the library.

The Reviewers’ opinions are 100% honest, but they cannot guarantee that they may not like your novel even though it falls under the preferred genres. They are not intentionally harassing, harming, or mocking the authors’ works.

To learn more about the Book Review Team and where to contact us, please go here.

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