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The YA Bookish News Team is the primary reason for keeping this website up-to-date with the latest news in the book community. The YA Bookish News Team is currently short on staff, so please click here in order to apply for a position on the team: Apply to be a reporter.

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Site founder, editor-in-chief of the website, YA Book News reporter, blogger

Hello, my name is Ellen. I am a sophomore year in college currently majoring in biology. Reading has been a passion of mine ever since I was a small child. Books have changed and shaped my life for what it is now.  It was not until later on in my life that I had discovered my passion for writing. Through writing, I am able to express myself more easily because when I was younger I had a difficult time communicating to people. I am an aspiring author hoping to have a book published one day. If not, then working in a publishing company is another option. I also have another passion for film directing as well. If it was not for my love of books, this website would have not been born.

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  1. Cynthia Edmiston says:

    Hi Tamara

  2. Cynthia Edmiston says:

    How are u

  3. Would you like to blog with us

  4. Cynthia Edmiston says:

    I’m in my pajamas

  5. Cynthia Edmiston says:


  6. Ok what will you blog about

  7. Cynthia Edmiston says:

    Hi Ellen

  8. Hi Cynthia! I’m slowly getting through all of the comments, so sorry I couldnt get to your comment as soon as I could! Hope your doing okay! 🙂 -Ellen

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